School Calendar

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The below dates are subject to change. New information will be added as the school year progresses.

BLUE : Parent / Focus Evenings - GREEN - School Trips RED: School Holidays

Mon 21st April Tue 22nd April Wed 23rd April Thur 24th April Fri 25th April Sat 26th April Sun 27th April
EASTER HOLIDAY Shakespeare Visting Speaker Shakespeare Birthday Celebrations PE Moderation Y7 Interim Report Home Y11 GCSE PE Revision Day Trip  
Mon 28th April Tue 29th April Wed 30th April Thur 1st May Fri 2nd May Sat 3rd May Sun 4th May
Y9 Assessment Week Y12/13 Law Trip to Old Bailey

Y8 Girls HPV Vaccinations

New Build Public Consultation Eve (3.30-7.30pm)

Junior Maths Challenge, Hall / Y7 Subject Consultation Year 13 Interim Report Home    
Mon 5th May Tue 6th May Wed 7th May Thur 8th May Fri 9th May Sat 10th May Sun 11th May
BANK HOLIDAY Y9 University of Herts, Pathfinder Day Y10 Geography Trip Parents Meeting 7pm/ Y10 Drama Moderation (All day) Year 11, 12 & 13 Whole Year Group Photos Year 11 Last Day Celebrations & Prom / Governors Drinks Reception, 6pm / Year 10 Full Report Home   Basketball Play off Finals Trip to Wembley Arena
Mon 12th May Tue 13th May Wed 14th May Thur 15th May Fri 16th May Sat 17th May Sun 18th May

Timings of the School Day Change

Y9 Assessment Week

  Visit from Scala College   Year 13 Governors Drinks Reception Saturday Detention  
Mon 19th May Tue 20th May Wed 21st May Thur 22nd May Fri 23rd May Sat 24th May Sun 25th May
      Year 10 Subject Consultation Y7-9 Paris Trip Departs Midday    
Mon 26th May Tue 27th May Wed 28th May Thur 29th May Fri 30th May Sat 31st May Sun 1st June
HALF TERM / Year 7-9 Paris Trip Returns HALF TERM HALF TERM HALF TERM HALF TERM HALF TERM HALF TERM / Year 10 Geography Field Trip to Weymouth Departs
Mon 2nd June Tue 3rd June Wed 4th June Thur 5th June Fri 6th June Sat 7th June Sun 8th June
Y9D Wales Trip Departs(1)   Year 10 Geography Field Trip to Weymouth Returns Y9D Wales Trip Returns (1) Year 9 Interim Report HomeY9P Wales Trip Departs(2)    
Mon 9th June Tue 10th June Wed 11th June Thur 12th June Fri 13th June Sat 14th June Sun 15th June
Y9P Wales Trip Returns (2) Y9C Wales Trip Departs(3)     Y9C Wales Trip Returns (3) Y9J Wales Trip Departs(4) Cricket Trip to Lords
Mon 16th June Tue 17th June Wed 18th June Thur 19th June Fri 20th June Sat 21st June Sun 22nd June
  Y9J Wales Trip Returns (4) New Intake Evening, 6.30pm, HallY9G Wales Trip Departs(5)   Year 10 ICT Assessment Day / Year 8 Interim Report Home Y9G Wales Trip Returns (5)  
Mon 23rd June Tue 24th June Wed 25th June Thur 26th June Fri 27th June Sat 28th June Sun 29th June
Y7 St Albans Visit     Year 8 Subject Consultation Evening/ Y7 St Albans Visit /Cricket Trip Y7 St Albans Visit    
Mon 30th June Tue 1st July Wed 2nd July Thur 3rd July Fri 4th July Sat 5th July Sun 6th July
Timings of the School Day return to Normal / Y9 Arts Day Senior Citizens Tea Party P4&5 Y7 - 10 District Athletics New Intake Morning Year 7 Full Report Home    
Mon 7th July Tue 8th July Wed 9th July Thur 10th July Fri 11th July Sat 12th July Sun 13th July

Y11 into Y12 Induction Day Music Tour to Netherlands Departs

Y10 Work Experience Week


Y11 into Y12 Induction Day Y12 Geography RES Trip Y12 BAM Employability Skills Workshop Y5 Cultural Arts Day Saturday Detention  
Mon 14th July Tue 15th July Wed 16th July Thur 17th July Fri 18th July Sat 19th July Sun 20th July
Sports Day / Art Exhibition, 7.30pm, Hall Art Exhibition, Hall Sports Awards Evening, 7pm, Hall Summer Concert Rehearsal, All Day, Hall / Summer Concert, 7pm, Hall Presentation Assemblies / Year 10 Interim Report Home / . School Closes at 12.30pm    
Mon 21st July Tue 22nd July Wed 23rd July Thur 24th July Fri 25th July Sat 26th July Sun 27th July
Mon 1st Sept Tues 2nd Sept Wed 3rd Sept Thur 4th Sept Fri 5th Sept Sat 6th Sept Sun 7th Sept
Mon 7th Sept Tues 8th Sept Wed 9th Sept Thur 10th Sept Fri 11th Sept Sat 12th Sept Sun 13th Sept
Mon 15th Sept Tues 16th Sept Wed 17th Sept Thur 18th Sept Fri 19th Sept Sat 20th Sept Sun 21st Sept
Mon 22nd Sept Tues 23rd Sept Wed 24th Sept Thur 25th Sept Fri 26th Sept Sat 27th Sept Sun 28th Sept
Mon 29th Sept Tues 30th Sept Wed 1st Oct Thur 2nd Oct Fri 3rd Oct Sat 4th Oct Sun 5th Oct
Mon 6th Oct Tues 7th Oct Wed 8th Oct Thur 9th Oct Fri 10th Oct Sat 11th Oct Sun 12th Oct
Mon 13th Oct Tues 14th Oct Wed 15th Oct Thur 16th Oct Fri 17th Oct Sat 18th Oct Sun 19th Oct
Mon 20th Oct Tues 21st Oct Wed 22nd Oct Thurs 23rd Oct Fri 24th Oct Sat 25th Oct Sun 26th Oct
Mon 27th Oct Tues 28th Oct Wed 29th Oct Thurs 30th Oct Fri 31st Oct Sat 1st Nov Sun 2nd Nov
Mon 3rd Nov Tues 4th Nov Wed 5th Nov Thurs 6th Nov Fri 7th Nov Sat 8th Nov Sun 9th Nov
Mon 10th Nov Tues 11th Nov Wed 12th Nov Thurs 13th Nov Fri 14th Nov Sat 15th Nov Sun 16th Nov
Mon 17th Nov Tues 18th Nov Wed 19th Nov Thurs 20th Nov Fri 21st Nov Sat 22nd Nov Sun 23rd Nov

Mon 24th Nov

Tues 25th Nov Wed 26th Nov Thurs 27th Nov Fri 28th Nov Sat 29th Nov Sun 30th Nov

Mon 1st Dec

Tues 2nd Dec Wed 3rd Dec Thurs 4th Dec Fri 5th Dec Sat 6th Dec Sun 7th Dec

Mon 8th Dec

Tues 9th Dec Wed 10th Dec Thurs 11th Dec Fri 12th Dec Sat 13th Dec Sun 14th Dec

Mon 15th Dec

Tues 16th Dec Wed 17th Dec Thurs 18th Dec Fri 19th Dec Sat 20th Dec Sun 21st Dec
        School Closes at 12.30pm